155T Digital "High Torque" Metal Gear Servo High Voltage

155T Digital "High Torque" Metal Gear Servo High Voltage

Protek R/C

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The ProTek R/C 155T High Voltage Hi-Torque servo delivers an incredible 360 oz-in of torque and 0.10 transit speed at 6.0V, and when you bump the voltage to 7.4 the spec's increase to 453 oz-in and 0.08! Spec's like these make this servo an excellent choice for any 1/10 to 1/8 scale vehicle application. Other features include a full aluminum case that provides bomb proof durability and improved heat dissipation, a metal gear train that is supported by dual ball bearings, a 200mm long 22awg connector wire with gold plated connectors, a coreless motor and Conformal Coated circuit board for excellent vibration absorption and element protection (not waterproof).

Plus, instead of a cheap plastic servo horn, ProTek R/C goes the extra mile with an included aluminum single arm servo horn that will stand up to a majority of the punishment you can throw at it. Stop wasting your money on budget servos that look good in the spec list, but fall short when its time to perform. Get ProTek and don't look back.

Conformal Coated Circuit Board
The ProTek R/C 155 series is the first to introduce the use of a Conformal Coating: a thin layer of polymeric film that contours to the printed circuit board to protect against vibrations, moisture, dust, chemicals and extreme temperatures. With the application of Conformal Coating, the 155 series is ready for battle.

Warning! This ProTek R/C servo requires that you use a m3x10mm screw to attach the servo horn to the output shaft. If you choose to use another screw, be sure to use a 10mm length screw. Use of a shorter screw can cause failure and will void your warranty.


  • Ideal for any 1/10 to 1/8 scale vehicle application.
  • Conformal coated circuit board.
  • 0.10 transit speed, and 360 oz-in of torque @ 6.0V.
  • 0.08 transit speed, and 453 oz-in of torque @ 7.4V.
  • Full metal gears and dual ball bearings.
  • 200mm long 22awg connector wire w/gold plated connectors.
  • Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage 4.8V - 7.4V
  • Operating Speed @ 6.0V 0.10/60 sec
  • Operating Speed @ 7.4V
  • Output Shaft 25 Tooth
  • Weight 72.9g
  • Pulse/Frequency 1520s / 333hz

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