D9 PRO-Lite Clear Body, for 190mm

D9 PRO-Lite Clear Body, for 190mm

Proline Racing

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D9 is PROTOform's aero option for 190mm electric touring car racing.
Developed through extensive testing, the D9 features smooth, easy-to-drive handling characteristics, helping you achieve maximum consistency in your lap times over a 5-minute run. Added ridges along the front fenders, door panels, a-pillars and trunk bed provide rigidity even in thinner materials.

The critical tuning of body positioning is made easier with mounting marks inside the front wheel arches. Positions for 0, +2mm, +4mm and +6mm are scribed in for your convenience. Included with every D9 is the rear wing mounts with top "button" and bottom "nut".

The D9 is Global Body Spec compliant and fully EFRA (#4062) & ROAR approved. Made in the USA from Proline's high-quality, super-durable polycarbonate. Included is a PROTOform decal sheet, window masks, overspray film and wing mounting hardware.

*Body is clear, shown painted for dispay purposes only.


  • High Downforce Aerodynamics
  • Smoother, Less Aggressive Steering Feel
  • Improved Stability and Forward Traction
  • Wing Hardware Included
  • Mounting Marks for Easy Body Positioning
  • Fits: 190mm Tourning Car

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