Dirt Grabber 1.9" All Terrain Tires

Dirt Grabber 1.9" All Terrain Tires


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Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to Dirt Grabber. This tire is suited for a broad range of driving conditions. Made to handle everyday driving, as well as some light to moderate off road conditions. Dirt Grabber offer peerless longevity, even wear, and excellent durability.

Outer Diameter: 3.85inch / 97.8mm
Advanced X3 Soft Compound
Width: 1.22" (31mm)
Inner Diameter: 1.9" (48mm)
Each Tire Weight: 1.85 oz / 52 g

Fits Gmade Sawback
The OD is 5.2mm smaller than the original tires

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