Kyosho - MR-03EVO Chassis Set W-MM, 12000KV

Kyosho - MR-03EVO Chassis Set W-MM, 12000KV


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The current MINI-Z has a built in receiver, servo and ESC in one PCB unit. But the MR-03EVO Chassis Set utilizes a separate receiver unit. By purchasing and installing an optional receiver unit for your preferred transmitter, it allows for using a Kyosho (KT-18/EX-6/EX-6R/KT-531P/KT-432PT), KO Propo (EX-2/EX-RR) or Futaba (T7PX/T7XC) transmitters. It will also be available for use with Sanwa transmitters in future. Further, by installing a new CPU which controls servo function only, it improves the internal feedback of positioning control which is 11.2 times faster than the existing VE PRO models. The control program provides the best ever steering feeling in MINI-Z history. The ESC has also improved the response speed to a maximum of 100 times faster than existing VE PRO models. The included KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE XSPEED 120 (12000KV) brushless motor features a one-piece aluminum case that provides efficient heat dissipation for superior cooling. Unlike previous chassis sets, you can change to the brushed motor mode though the I.C.S manager to install an optional brushed motor. The I.C.S manager also allows more precise setting adjustments to be made.


  • First MINI-Z MR-03 Chassis Set that adopts separate ESC and receiver design.
  • Includes Kyosho Speed House XSpeed 56 brushless motor (5600KV).
  • I.C.S manager features detailed steering and throttle parameter adjustment, as well as the ability of switching between brushless and brushed modes.
  • Powered by independent CPUs for ESC and receiver, increased internal processing speed contributes to precision steering and throttle control.
  • Equipped with ball bearings and Ball Diff Set II.
  • Gear Ratio 7.3, 6.3, 5.5, 4.9:1
  • Specifications:

  • Length 117.7mm
  • Width F: 70-75mm / R: 70-76mm
  • Height 35mm
  • Wheelbase 98.0mm (LL)
  • Tread F: 61.5-66.5mm / R: 61.5-65mm
  • Weight 135g (approx.)

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