Mavic Pro M1P - Remote Controller GL200A DJ Transmitter w/Phone Plugs 2.4GHz OEM

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- OEM parts removed from a brand new Mavic Pro kit.

- includes 3 cables to connect to different cell phones/tablets (not shown)

- power cable sold separately with our charger.

(does not come in DJI Manufacturer Packaging)



Part numbers in the listing are for reference, your order will come as pictured. Our new products are removed from new models and will come enclosed in our OEM packaging. Because some parts may be removed from new assembled models, minor markings or factory filled fluids may be present.

If the screws are pictured, they are included.  If not, they are most likely sold separately in our hardware set for that model.

We guarantee parts will be new and functional upon arrival, but we cannot provide any warranty service after usage.


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