Mysterious World; Domed Loft

Mysterious World; Domed Loft


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Rolife Domed Loft glass miniature house kit DS001 is an adorable loft house for people who like living alone. This wooden loft is standing on the lake in the depths of the secret. It is always a pleasure to nest in the loft and watch the stars in the mysterious and silent night. We have prepared everything you need to build this unique loft - flowers, plants, mini furniture, and so on... DIY this miniature dollhouse kit with your friends or family now!

Product Inclusions:
- Circular glass cover
- All figures found in the picture

Product description:
Net weight: 0.94kg
Dimension: 126mm*120mm*248mm
Finished Product Size: 5x9.8x4.7inches
Scale 1:24
Product materials: wood, fabric, paper, plastic, metal
Level of difficulty: 2/5
Perfect present for all occasions

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