3820 - Blast Race Boat (Colors will vary)

  • $215.03

Traxxas 3810 Blast Race Boat - Colors will vary


Hull: Deep-vee configuration, molded plastic construction with foam
flotation and pre-applied decals
Motor: Stinger 20 turn with water cooling system
Drive: Direct shaft drive with no gear reduction losses
Radio: 2.4GHz Traxxas TQ 2-channel
Steering Servo: #2056 high torque waterproof
Electronic Speed Control: Traxxas Nautica waterproof with Traxxas
high current connector, compatible with 4-6 cell battery packs
Battery: 6-cell Traxxas 7.2V Power Cell NiMH with Traxxas iD high-
current connector
Battery Charger: AC wall type
Receiver Box: Blue O-ring seal
Outdrive: Adjustable trim angle for optimum performance
Propeller: Composite plastic, 1.25" (32mm) diameter, pitch not given




Prebuilt Blast Race Boat, 20T Motor, 2-ch Radio System, Steering
Servo, ESC, Battery, Charger, Boat Stand




AA Batteries: Four for transmitter