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Catamaran Parts List

Chassis Assembly Exploded View

Front Assembly Exploded View


Colors will vary according to stock in hand

This is the DCB M41 Widebody Catamaran, designed by DCB (Dave’s Custom Boats) founder Dave Hemmingson and is one of the largest models offered in the DCB M-Series.

Traxxas faithfully captured the incredible looks and performance of the DCB M41 in a detailed scale replica that is versatile, fun, and fast. The catamaran hull delivers the speed, stability and confidence for which the full-size M41 is famous, allowing you to have fun wherever your marine adventures take you. The M41 replica is equally at home blasting across the waves at the lake on a fun run or exploiting its 50+mph speed on a favorite stretch of smooth water. The razor sharp handling lets you carve turns with authority and precision and yet, offers easy control while cruising by the shore.

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