TRX4 Ford Bronco Light Kit

TRX4 Ford Bronco Light Kit


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Take your TRX4 Bronco to the next level with MyTrickRC's Attack TRX4 Ford Bronco Light Kit! This kit includes the well known attack high power adjustable brightness headlights, front and side marker lights, tail lights, and functioning reverse lights. The kit is fully expandable, with the ability to add rock lights, light bars, and spot lights.

Minor modifications to the body are required for installation.

Kit Includes:
-DG-1 Dragon Controller
-2pcs Attack High Power Headlights
-1pcs 5mm Dual Red Tail Lights
-1pcs 3mm Dual Front Turn Signal Marker Lights
-1pc 3mm Quad Front and Rear Side Marker Lights
-1pc 3D printed LED mounts

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