Rear Center Shaft Kit, Traxxas UDR

Rear Center Shaft Kit, Traxxas UDR

MIP - Moore's Ideal Products

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The MIP X-Duty Rear Center Shaft Kit for the Traxxas UDR is a BEEFED up monster! Made as a solid steel CVD Shaft, the MIP X-Duty Center Shaft is designed and built to handle any and all driving conditions. The Center Shaft requires no modifications, simply install it in your UDR and GO! Its that EASY! This center drive shaft also utilizes X-Duty couplings and hardware for easy rebuilding. It is also tuned to length to ensure the shaft never bottoms out when the chassis flexes, resulting in a longer lasting shaft.

Running a 6S Lipo? Not a problem! The MIP X-Duty Center Shaft is more than capable of handling any power you put into your UDR, including 6S!

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