10PX 2.4GHz 10-Channel T-FHSS Spec Radio System w/ R404SBSE

10PX 2.4GHz 10-Channel T-FHSS Spec Radio System w/ R404SBSE


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Equipped with an F-4G system that enables telemetry with faster response than the T-FHSS SR system. Software can be updated by microSD card. Model data can also be saved in a microSD card. In addition, telemetry log data can be saved. Model names can use up to 15 letters, numbers, and symbols, so that logical names may be used. A model memory with different setups can be created by using the model copy function.

A paddle switch near the wheel, a 3-position switch on the grip, and a bottom switch on the bottom are equipped to support multiple channels and functions. The optional LT2F2000B Lipo battery can be used as the transmitter power supply. The running time is extended. Brake mixing of the front and rear wheels of 1/5GP and other large cars can be adjusted independently. Smooth cornering is possible by the independent left and right steering servo setting. The 4WS function can be used with crawlers and other 4-wheel steering type vehicles. Dual ESCs allows for front and rear to be controlled independently.

*When you turn on your 10PX, bright dots may appear on your screen display. Your display contains an extremely large number of TFT and is manufactured using high-precision technology. Any bright dots that may appear on your display are intrinsic of the TFT manufacturing technology.

Receiver Specs: R404SBS F-4G
Size: 1.00x0.81x0.42 inch / 25.5x20.7x10.6 mm
Weight: 5.7 g / 0.2 oz
Operating Voltage: DC 3.7-7.4V

Contents Included:
T10PX Transmitter
R404SBS Receiver
Dry Battery Holder
Wheel offset adapter two size (APA)APA Mounting screws
*Spare screws are also included
Wheel adapter 32 deg
Wheel Angle spacer 5 deg
Large diameter steering wheel
Trigger guard (Lx1/Rx1)
Grip rubber x1
Blind paddle x2
Hex wrench
Short manual

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