3D Galaxy Projector

3D Galaxy Projector


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Observe the Earth, Moon, Saturn and Jupiter or create your own planet with the blank projection slide. This projector rotates to create a 3D illusion of the galaxy to bring the Solar System to life. Complete with a 24-page learning booklet, read about the Milky Way and more fun facts about the Solar System!

Learn while you play!
Complete with a detailed learning booklet, children can learn about the solar system while building their own projector.

Observe the solar system up close!
Assemble your projector and use the 6 different projection slides to bring the galaxy to life with a 3D illusion. Create your own planet with a DIY projection slide.

Fun for all!

This set is the perfect hands on experience for children to learn about the solar system in a fun-filled activity that the whole family can appreciate!

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