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Factory Team Universal Tire Balancer

Team Associated

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Factory Team Universal Tire Balancer

A balanced tire on any type of RC car can drastically improve the handling characteristics and decrease drivetrain wear by reducing rotational vibration. The new FT Tire Balancer offers a universal design to work on all popular types of RC wheels, and the handheld design of the tool makes it easy to use in any situation. A double-sided adapter nut allows for balancing on an array of different wheels while FT ball bearings ensure a smooth and free spinning operation -- a critical component in a tire balancer. The FT tire balancer is also anodized with black and blue components to look good in your toolbox.


DR10M, Enduro, Enduro Gatekeeper Rock Crawler/Trail Truck, Enduro Trail Truck, Enduro Trail Truck, Knightrunner, Enduro Trail Truck, Knightrunner, blue, Pro2 SC10, Pro4 SC10, ProSC10, RB10, RC10B6.1, RC10B6.1D, RC10B6.1DL, RC10B6.3, RC10B6.3D, RC10B6.4, RC10B6.4D, RC10B74, RC10B74.1, RC10B74.1D, RC10B74.2, RC10B74.2D, RC10SC6.1, RC10T6.1, RC8B3.2, RC8B3.2e, RC8B4, RC8B4e, RC8T3.1, RC8T3.1e, RC8T4, RC8T4e, Reflex 14B, Reflex 14B Ongaro, Reflex 14MT Monster Truck, Reflex DB10, Rival MT8, SR10, TC7.2, Trophy Rat

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