Team Associated - 1/4 in Hex Driver Bit, 1.5mm Metric

1/4 in Hex Driver Bit, 1.5mm Metric

Team Associated

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Factory Team 1/4" Hex Driver Bit 1.5mm standard


APEX Lexus RC F, APEX Scion Racing 2015 FR-S, APEX Scion Racing FR-S, APEX Scion Racing tC, APEX Scion Racing tC 2015, APEX Touring, B44, B44.3, Enduro, Enduro Gatekeeper Rock Crawler/Trail Truck, Enduro Trail Truck, Enduro Trail Truck, Knightrunner, Enduro Trail Truck, Knightrunner, blue, GT2, MGT, MGT 3.0, MGT 4.60, MGT 8.0, NDS, NTC3, Pro2 SC10, ProLite 4x4, ProRally, ProSC 4x4, ProSC10, RB10, RC10, RC10 Classic, RC10 World's Car, RC10B2, RC10B3, RC10B4, RC10B4.1, RC10B4.2, RC10B44.1, RC10B44.2, RC10B5, RC10B5M, RC10B6.3, RC10B6.3D, RC10B6.4, RC10B6.4D, RC10B74.2, RC10B74.2D, RC10DS, RC10GT, RC10L3O, RC10L3T, RC10L4O, RC10R5, RC10R5-Oval, RC10R5.1, RC10SC5M, RC10T, RC10T2, RC10T3, RC10T4, RC10T4.1, RC10T4.2, RC10T4.3, RC10T5M, RC8, RC8.2, RC8.2e, RC8B, RC8B3, RC8B3e, RC8Be, RC8e, RC8T, RC8T3, RC8T3e, RC8Te, Reflex DB10, Rival Monster Truck, SC10, SC10 4x4, SC10.2, SC10.3 JRT, SC10.3 Lucas Oil, SC10B, SC10GT, SC18, SC8, SC8.2e, SC8e, TC3, TC4, TC5, TC5F, TC5R, TC6, TC6.1, TC6.2, TC7, TC7.1, Trophy Rat, #1650 - FT 7-Piece 1/4 in Hex Driver Set, #1655 - FT 8-Piece 1/4 in Hex Driver Set, #1656 - FT 1/4 in Driver Handle, without tips, #1679 - FT T-Handle Ratchet Driver, #80926 - RC8B3 and RC8B3e Kit Bundle

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