E/Z Bender Wire Forming Tool: .015 to .047

E/Z Bender Wire Forming Tool: .015 to .047

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E/Z Bender Wire Forming Tool: .015 to .047

Key Features

  • Can be used with spring and music wire up to .047 in (1.18mm)
  • Comes with two forming dies


A commercial quality wire bender, built specifically for the hobby industry, which bends wires from 0º to 90º and makes perfect Z-bends, L-bends, landing gear and more.  With one movement, the E/Z Bender will form wires to your exact specifications.  The E/Z Bender features hardened steel forming dies for long-lasting operation.  Its design was made to be a perfect addition to the modeler's workshop.  It can be hand held, or easily mounted to your workbench. It also fits perfectly in your bench vise.

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