Electronic Power Module, Digital On/Off Switch

Electronic Power Module, Digital On/Off Switch


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Electronic Power Module, Digital on/off switch

Even in nitro vehicles, it’s important to be able to operate the electronics properly.


For years, there have been many ways to operate, turn-on, plug-in, and function the electrical on a nitro powered vehicle. JConcepts has a new electronics switch that is custom built from the ground-up to help simplify and operate the electrical system on the vehicle. The programable unit can be used in Lipo or NiMh mode and gives indication of the battery power supply of the vehicle.

The lightweight, all injection molded case preserves the inner components and includes LED light showing Lipo mode, battery capacity level and handy push button for on and off control. The wire neatly flows from inside the unit to receiver and battery boxes and installs with industry standard plug types. The power module has locations for screws which align with many popular vehicles on the market so mounting of the module is neat, handy, and secure.

The JConcepts Power Module includes instruction manual, packaged in a clean and reusable box with inner foam cushion for protection of the goods. As always, cleanliness, care, and maintenance go a long way with mechanical and electrical devices. Keep items free of debris, wetness, fuel, and inspect wiring during each day of competition and before main events. When it comes to reliable switching, JConcepts knows the way around a nitro power vehicle, choose JConcepts, World Proven Innovation and Design.


  • Durable, Injection Molded Case

  • LED Lights For Mode And Battery Capacity

  • Handy And Raised On And Off Button

  • Clean Wiring With Industry Standard Plugs

  • Built-In Locations To Attach To Item To Popular Vehicles

  • JConcepts Branded For Authenticity

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