Factory Team 7.0mm Nut Driver

Factory Team 7.0mm Nut Driver

Team Associated

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Factory Team 7.0mm Nut Driver

Team Associated's NEW Factory Team hex drivers fuse style with functionality. Assembling or "wrenching" on your vehicle is a breeze with the lightweight, color-coded handles. A wide variety of tips allow you to handle all of the standard metric screw hardware in your car.


APEX Lexus RC F, APEX Scion Racing 2015 FR-S, APEX Scion Racing FR-S, APEX Scion Racing tC, APEX Scion Racing tC 2015, APEX Touring, ProRally, ProSC 4x4, RB10, RC10B5, RC10B5M, RC10B6, RC10B6 Club Racer, RC10B6.1, RC10B6.1D, RC10B6.1DL, RC10B6.3, RC10B6.4, RC10B6.4D, RC10B6D, RC10B74.2, RC10B74.2D, RC10SC5M, RC10T5M, Reflex DB10, SR10, TC5, TC5F, TC5R, TC6, TC6.1, TC6.2, TC7, TC7.1, Trophy Rat, #1518 - FT Hex Driver Tool Set, 3pc., #1519 - FT Hex/Nut Driver Tool Set, 5pc.

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