Mechanical Racehorse, Galloping Type

Mechanical Racehorse, Galloping Type


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The fastest release in the Robocraft Series, this galloping racehorse with jockey is loads of fun to build, loads of fun to play with, and educational too! Employing left and right legs moving at the same time, the legs and wheel base have been designed for stability and faster running. Overall this galloping racehorse can run 1.3 times faster than the mechanical rabbit.

Power from the rotating motor is transferred to the legs via link rods to make the horse gallop. Two link rod holes on the back legs allow you to choose between two running styles.

Assembly is very simple with use of screws and snap-lock parts. Cable ends are rubber capped with cut areas pre-marked for easy wiring.

The mechanical horse is comprised of mainly transparent orange plastic allowing internal mechanics to be easily seen. Kit includes 3 types of stickers for representation of horse's mask and number, and jockey's clothes to make each model easily distinguishable while racing with friends.

Run on flat, smooth surfaces. Avoid running over slopes, on bumpy roads or on thick carpet.

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