N Alco RSD-15 Locomotive, Maroon, Paragon4, DM&IR #53

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N Alco RSD-15 Locomotive, Maroon, Paragon4, DM&IR #53

The Alco RSD-15's were built between 1956 and 1960 in Schenectady, New York. The RSD-15 was powered by an Alco 251 16-cylinder V-type engine.


Rated at 2,400 horsepower, these versatile locomotives were suited for mainline freight and passenger service. The locomotive rode on 3-axle trucks with all axles powered by GE model 752 traction motors. The trucks have asymmetrical axle spacing because of the position of the traction motors. The six-motor design allowed for higher tractive effort at lower speeds than a similar four-motor design.

The RSD-15's could be ordered with either a high or low short hood, and the low hood versions quickly earned the nickname "alligators" due to their unusually long noses.


  • Paragon4 Sound and Control System featuring ROLLING THUNDER

  • Integral Dual-Mode Decoder with Back EMF for Superb Slow Speed Operation in DC and DCC

  • Precision Drive Mechanism Engineered for Heavy Towing and Smooth Slow Speed Operation

  • All Wheel Electrical Pick-up

  • ABS Body with Die Cast Chassis for Maximum Tractive Effort

  • Premium Caliber Painting

  • Prototypically Accurate Paint Schemes and Road Numbers

  • Many Separately Applied Details such as Handrails, Grab Irons, Horns, Bell, and Antenna

  • Prototypical Light Operation

  • Prototypically Accurate Sounds for the Alco RSD-15 Diesel Locomotive

  • MicroTrains-compatible couplers (2)

  • Will Operate on Code 55, Code 70, and Code 80 Rail

  • Minimum Operating Radius: 9 inches


In 2022, Broadway Limited is offering models of the RSD-15's in N scale with DCC and Sound for the first time. BLI is offering models of RSD-15's from 9 railroads in 10 distinct paint schemes. All road numbers and paint schemes are prototypically accurate. They are also building three models that were very similar in real life - two C and O RSD-7's and a CP RSD-17. The models will be BLI RSD-15 models with the C and O and CP paint schemes applied. There wasn't a lot of detail variation among the RSD-15's, and we are making three distinct models - a standard low-hood model, a standard high-hood model, and a PRR-type high hood model with different locations for the bell and horns.

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