N GE ES44AC Locomotive, Empire Builder, Pragon4, GN #2905

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N GE ES44AC Locomotive, Empire Builder, Paragon4, GN #2905

Broadway Limited Imports is excited to release a new modern diesel locomotive model - the GE ES44AC. Between 2002 and 2019, General Electric built over 3,700 of these six-axle, 4400 HP locomotives. Today, they can be found on every Class I railroad in North America.


In 2022, we are offering models of the ES44AC's in several new paint schemes that we have never built before, including the CSX Pride in Service units. We are also offering several of the NS Heritage models for a second time, as well as several fantasy paint schemes, adapting older railroad liveries to the new ES44AC diesel body. Our models will all have our new Paragon4 DC/DCC Sound and Control system, including Rolling Thunder and extra built-in capacity for better electrical pick-up.


  • Paragon4 Sound and Control System featuring ROLLING THUNDER

  • Integral Dual-Mode Decoder with Back EMF for Superb Slow Speed Operation in DC and DCC

  • Precision Drive Mechanism Engineered for Heavy Towing and Smooth Slow Speed Operation

  • All Wheel Electrical Pick-up

  • ABS Body with Die Cast Chassis for Maximum Tractive Effort

  • Premium Caliber Painting

  • Prototypically Accurate Paint Schemes and Road Numbers

  • Many Separately Applied Details such as Handrails, Grab Irons, Horns, Bell, and Cab Roof Antenna

  • Prototypical Light Operation

  • Prototypically Accurate Sounds for the GE ES44AC Diesel Locomotive

  • MicroTrains-compatible Couplers (2)

  • Will Operate on Code 55, Code 70, and Code 80 Rail

  • Minimum Operating Radius: 9 inches

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