Polycarbonate Rear Truck Bed (324mm F-150 Only)

Polycarbonate Rear Truck Bed (324mm F-150 Only)


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The biggest criticism of vacuum formed pickup trucks body shells is that the bed sits way too shallow. This is usually because it must accommodate the height of the rear shock towers and rear chassis components. It's a compromise that some owners just don't want to make. Well, Carisma Scale Adventure have come up with a solution that not only allows owners of their Ford-F150 to run a deep bed, but also keep the rear shock & tower setup completely stock. No lay down shocks or cantilever setups required.
The Lexan bed simply slots into place once the old shallow bed is cut away, it can be painted any colour the end user desires and offers both realistic looks and far more scope for adding additional scale accessories to the bed area.

Photos shown item installed, with OPTIONAL Roof Spoiler. Item 16152 (Not included in 16150)

This truck bed is for 324mm wheel base F-150 body shell.

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