Spur Gear, 84 Tooth, 48 Pitch

Spur Gear, 84 Tooth, 48 Pitch

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Spur Gear, 84T, 48P: B4/T4

This part fits the following vehicles: B44, DR10, Pro2 DK10SW, Pro2 LT10SW, Pro2 SC10, ProSC10, RB10, RC10 World's Car, RC10B4, RC10B4.1, RC10B4.2, RC10B44.1, RC10B44.2, RC10B5, RC10B5M, RC10B6, RC10B6 Club Racer, RC10B64, RC10B64 Club Racer, RC10B64D, RC10B6D, RC10SC5M, RC10T4, RC10T4.1, RC10T4.2, RC10T4.3, RC10T5M, Reflex DB10, SC10, SC10.2, SC10.3 JRT, SC10.3 Lucas Oil, SR10, Trophy Rat


RC10B74, RC10B74.1, RC10B74.1D, RC10B74.2, RC10B74.2D

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