Tribute Transport - 2.4" Monster Truck Transport Wheel

Tribute Transport - 2.4" Monster Truck Transport Wheel

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Transport tires in the RC monster truck world require a special wheel to meet the look and expectations of a detail oriented hobbyist. The Tribute Transport wheel is a 2-piece wheel that assembles to form a unit that can be used for display, or driven with purpose. The outer section includes a mock planetary in the center. 12mm hex adapters are included to bolt to the outer wheel with included M2.5x10mm hardware.

The inner wheel aligns and secures with six M2.5x12mm SHCS to the outer portion, with plain nuts on the outside to look accurate. Add separately available #3189-010 Transporter tires to the wheels, install on your vehicle of choice, and secure with wheel nut (not included). Finalize by adding the planetary cover with included and hardware.

Notes from the team: Use transport tires and wheels to display or store racing vehicles. This will minimize flat spots on racing tires from sitting on a shelf, box or pit table. Maintain and store racing tires separately and always lay them down to avoid placing pressure or excess weight on one point of the tires with inserts inside.


  • Scale inspired 2-piece design
  • Outer wheel incorporates several features for realism
  • Inner wheel hoop contains assembly screws and completes bead
  • 12mm hex adaptors included
  • Planetary caps included for high-end looks
  • Hardware included for assembly

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