Weapon Set "AMAIM Warrior at the Border

Weapon Set "AMAIM Warrior at the Border


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Introducing a weapon set that combines the special weapons of the Kyoukai Senki (AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline) series! Equip them in any combination and enjoy a variety of original armament arrangements for your plastic models from this series!

  • 60mm portable machine gun (multi-magazine type) x 1
  • Arm hyperthermal shake type Combat claw x 1
  • Combat dagger x 1
  • 120mm dual sniper gun x 1
  • Armored grenade gun x 2
  • Joint parts for armored grenade gun x 2
  • 45mm rapid-fire pistol x 2
  • Left hand gun holder x 1
  • Weapon rack x 1 set
  • Sword for Brady Hound x 1
  • Knife for Brady Hound x 1
  • Brady Hound special rifle (grenade launcher) x 1
  • Super heat wave naginata x 1

  • A weapon set of 10 types that allows you to enjoy the HG Kyoukai Senki plastic models throughout the series. (Sold Separately!)
  • Weapon rack and hand parts that can hold each weapon are also included.
  • With the weapons in the play, HG MAILeS BYAKUCHI can also be arranged with a wide variety of equipment combinations! (Sold Separately!)

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